It’s been one incredible month! I spoke at the Design Gurus Summit in San Francisco. I broke through a major comfort zone and made a vlog in public.  Plus, I finally started a daily journaling habit after putting it off for far too long.  Here’s how my month of September shook out.

Why do I share income reports?

I believe in authenticity. One way that I can show up and live authentically is by being completely transparent with you about what I’m creating—my successes, my failures, and everything in between. These reports serve as a monthly check-in to show you where I am currently and how far I’ve come. With that in mind, I decided to start these reports on Day 1 of my journey to inspire you and impress upon you the reality (my reality) of creating an online business from the ground up.

September Income:


My focus right now is to create a ton of value in order to build my audience.

September Expenses:

  • ConvertKit: $29
  • Bonjoro: $15
  • Zapier: $20
  • Adobe CC (After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop): $60

September Donations:

  • Nature Conservatory: $60
  • Pencils of Promise: $140

Speaking at the Design Gurus Summit

A goal of mine is to start spreading my knowledge and experience to more people, so, I was honored to be asked to speak at the Design Gurus Sumit up in San Francisco.  The topic I was asked to speak about is branding in the modern age.  Certainly a topic I feel quite strongly about. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to speak next to design leaders in other companies I admire like AirBnb, Facebook, Netflix, and others.

I quite enjoy speaking in front of an audience. It’s a skill I want to continue to get better at as well. It takes a certain awareness to be on a stage in a room full of hundreds of people and keep them captivated. Self-awareness and general awareness of the vibe and energy in the room.  This power is probably one of the greatest things that I learned during my DJ hay-days playing at house music clubs. You always need to be reading the energy in the room.

Overcoming my Fear of the Camera

Being on stage in a room full of people. No sweat!  A little red blinking light while staring down the barrel of a lens and I’m suddenly breaking into a hot sweat.  Most of my life I’ve felt awkward being filmed or on camera.  Nothing was worse than hearing the sound of my own voice. The connection between my brain and what comes out of my mouth was suddenly like LA rush-hour traffic on the 405. Total un-comfort immediately set in.

Because of this irrational fear I’ve been making excuses why I haven’t recorded any new video content which is my whole goal. The excuses went a little something like this…

I don’t have my own private space to record.

I don’t have the time and these videos take me a long time to get right.

Blah, blah, blah. Excuse, excuse, after stupid excuse.

One night laying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about how much I wanted to record a new video a light-bulb moment happened! Taa-da!  I’m going to record videos in my car. I have a nice SUV.  I can take a drive a lunch, set the camera up, pop in the back seat and record videos.  So, I tried it!

One day I took a drive into a neighborhood, parked, popped in the back and set up my camera.  Then someone pulled up and parked behind me and I found myself ducking a bit and thinking “Oh shit!” That’s when it happened…  I realized the ridiculousness of this fear was out of control.  Here I was in my tinted-out SUV feeling anxious because someone in another car pulled up behind me.  At that moment I knew I had to do something drastic to beat this fear out of me.  So I gave my fear the middle finger and decided to do what scared me the absolute most and made a video about how to fearlessly vlog in public.

Started Journaling

Journaling had always been one of those practices that I told myself I’d start “one day.” One day that never seemed to come around. That is until one day this month.  On September 15th I logged my first journal entry and I have to say, it felt pretty damn good. I’m excited to see where this new practice takes me.  As of right now, my main goal is to create a solid habit of journaling by hitting the 30-day mark.

What info would you love to see in my income reports?

Let me know in the comments below.

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