This month I have felt internally conflicted about what community I ultimately feel excited to serve. I come from a community of online entrepreneurs creating the next gazillion dollar app. Yet, while brainstorming this month over what piece of content I could create for them to add value, I felt uninspired. What a gross feeling and one that I’m not used to. Needless to say, this month has been all about gaining clarity on what group I feel genuine enthusiasm to serve.

Where I landed… The Expert and Thought Leader community.

The people who inspire me the most these days are those who take their unique voice, gift, and superpower and use it to impact the world for the better. These are the people I feel called to lift up and help amplify.

Why do I share income reports?

I believe in authenticity. One way that I can show up and live authentically is by being completely transparent with you about what I’m creating—my successes, my failures, and everything in between. These reports serve as a monthly check-in to show you where I am currently and how far I’ve come. With that in mind, I decided to start these reports on Day 1 of my journey to inspire you and impress upon you the reality (my reality) of creating an online business from the ground up.

August Income:


My focus right now is to create a ton of value in order to build my audience.

August Expenses:

  • ConvertKit: $29
  • Bonjoro: $15
  • Zapier: $20
  • Adobe CC (After Effects / Premiere / Photoshop): $60
  • Virtual Assistant: $350

August Donations:

Along with this month’s $100 donation, I also decided to donate my time. On August 26th, I volunteered at the Life Rolls On event in Huntington Beach. It was incredible! More on that below.

Total Expenses: $474.00

Total Profit: -$474.00

Total Donations: $100.00 + Time


August has very much been a pause, reflect, and regroup month for me. As I mentioned above, a large part of that was recognizing and focusing on who I want to serve. Because of that lack of clarity, I felt entirely blocked from creating content. It has been a really good lesson in becoming crystal clear on the audience I’m targeting.

Last month I created two main goals for myself.

  1. Produce one new, great piece of video content.
  2. Create three additional drip emails related to my branding opt-in.

I accomplished one of the two. In the process, I discovered a somewhat hidden setting in Convertkit which caused all my subscribers from the following months not to receive my automated drip emails in the sequence. Quite frustrating!

My BIG WIN… Volunteering.

Last month, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Life Rolls On event. They’re an organization which helps those who are disabled experience joy and freedom through surfing. Hands down, this was one of the most heart-warming and fulfilling experiences of my life.

I grew up as a Southern California native, so surfing is in my blood. It was awesome to see how much fun all the athletes were having that day.

This is Rebecca. She turned 19 that day and surfed like a pro to celebrate. In fact, she was the first one in the water!

This young woman, along with many of the surfers, moved me. Throughout the day, many would get thrown off the board while riding a wave in. I found myself freaking out a bit and being on high-alert. Even so, each and every time they fell, the surfers would pop their head out of the water with a look of elation written on their face and yell, “AGAIN!!”

It was in those moments I continued to experience firsthand what was a beautiful metaphor for life.

I can’t wait until next summer when I have the opportunity to help out again.

The Email List F-up!

It’s always a good idea to test your email sequence campaigns. I learned that one the hard way.

I’m new to ConvertKit and can’t say enough good things. However, this one little feature slipped right by me as I was setting up my email drip campaign for those who downloaded my Digital Workbook on Branding.

Under the settings menu, there is a section that looks like this:

I came to realize that underneath the “Exclude These Subscribers” link, there were a few options checked by default for my list. Meaning, none of the people who joined my list received any of the emails. Doh!

You live and learn when using a new service. I’m just glad that I caught this one in time.

My ONE main goal for next month.

  • Produce one great piece of content.
  • Read one book cover to cover on my area of expertise.

The reason I share these with you is to create even greater transparency with what I’m working on. It also gives me a sense of accountability. At the end of next month, I plan on reporting whether or not I accomplished these objectives and any details in between.

What other info would you like to see in my income reports?

Let me know in the comments below.

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